What a relief!  Finally, a new composer of choral and instrumental music that doesn’t sound like all the others.  Kevin Memley has music which is accessible to the novice as well as the most advanced. He is a fresh new face on the composition scene, one you and your program should visit regularly.  I have performed countless compositions of Kevin’s and find them all to be “first-rate”.  For you teachers, his music will thrill and delight both audience and performer.”

Dan Bishop
Former National R&S Chair, ACDA
Director, San Joaquin Chorale

“...at a Christmas gig at a local country club for a holiday dinner which groups from our school have performed at for twenty years running, having the audience applaud the longest, loudest, and most sincerely on Kevin Memley’s new setting of Ave Maria, and the few moments of silence that came between that final chord and the beginning of that applause. As par for holiday performances, we had “expected” the longest, loudest response to be on a fast, familiar Christmas carol or a novelty arrangement of Jingle Bells or Carol of the Bells. The look in the singers’ eyes as they performed this piece on a cold winter’s night in early December as the song played out was only matched by the warmth of everyone’s hearts in the room as ALL (singers AND listeners) were touched by this wonderful new setting of a centuries old text.”

Travis Rogers

Past-President, ACDA California

Choir Director, Napa High School, Napa CA

“It has been my pleasure to perform several of Kevin’s works in our [several] seasons together and I have found each of them to be innovative and exciting.  His understanding of text stress and the accompanying choral harmonic underlay gives his music a unique and credible appeal to performer and audience alike.”

Roy Klassen, D.M.A
Professor of Choral Activities

Fresno Pacific University, Retired
Former Director, San Joaquin Chorale

“The artistic ability and musical genius of Kevin Memley crosses cultural and generational lines in a way that almost cannot be explained.  He writes and performs with such spirit and passion that one cannot help but to be swept away from their troubles and into his world of the divine thought and hope.”

Rev. Sandra Querin
President, Abba’s Heart Ministries, Inc., Kingsburg CA

“Once you listen to these songs you will see that every selection is a winner.  His music is creative and accessible. 

Whether you have a high school, college or church choir, Kevin writes music that is fun to sing.  These are some of the most innovative and fun pieces.  Kevin has worked with choirs of all ages and knows what will work for each ability level.  Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase some of the most creative choral music out there today.”

Dale Engstrom
Director of Bands, Fresno City College, Fresno CA

“I have programmed Memley’s music for performances by my advanced Concert Choir. To say these pieces are engaging is a huge understatement.  Both I and my students discovered a depth of musical vitality and artistic expressions that not only energizes our singing but also vitally connected us to the composer in rehearsal and to our audience in performance.  Performing Kevin’s music is an experience you won’t soon forget.”

Roger Bergman
Buchanan HS Choral Director, Clovis CA, Retired



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